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Primary Mechanical, Inc. is a premier Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning contractor. We provide installation and service on a wide range of high efficient industrial, commercial, and residential equipment. In addition, our experienced personnel provides facility surveys, new construction, test and balance, retrofit and upgrades to existing systems as well as full service contracts of all types to maximize energy savings and owner confidence.

Doing business with San Diego since 1994!


Residential HVAC

Our HVAC services encompass a wide range of offerings, catering to both new home installations and existing home retro-fitting and upgrades. In existing homes, our team is skilled in retrofitting and upgrading HVAC systems to enhance efficiency and comfort. We also offer test and balance services to fine-tune your system's performance and ensure even airflow throughout your home. Furthermore, we provide services aimed at maximizing energy cost savings, helping you reduce your energy bills while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.


Commercial HVAC

For commercial jobsites, our expertise extends to new construction mechanical systems installations, where we ensure efficient and reliable HVAC systems are seamlessly integrated into your commercial space. We also offer system repairs and recommendations, addressing any issues promptly and providing guidance on system improvements. Our testing and balancing services ensure optimal HVAC system performance for a comfortable working environment, and we offer a wide range of additional services tailored to your commercial needs.


Industrial HVAC

For industrial jobsites, we specialize in new construction mechanical systems installations, delivering robust and high-capacity HVAC systems to meet the demands of your industrial operations. Our team excels in system repairs and recommendations, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. We provide testing and balancing services to maintain precise control over environmental conditions in your industrial facility. And, with a comprehensive suite of additional services, we are equipped to address any unique requirements specific to your industrial setting.


Industrial HVAC

Our specialized HVAC service for pharmaceutical jobsites focuses on maintaining the highest standards of air quality and temperature control in critical environments such as clean rooms, vivariums, and labs. We are well-versed in adhering to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, ensuring your pharmaceutical facility complies with industry regulations and operates at peak efficiency. Our expertise allows us to create and maintain the ideal conditions for pharmaceutical research and production, safeguarding product integrity and quality.

How to reach us

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